Tropical Style Roof Garden

The Tropical Roof Garden is a stunning roof top tropical styled garden skillfully stitched together by its creator, Antoine. Growing high above most other gardens in Malta, the ‘ Tropical Roof Garden’ is a lush and leafy patch of paradise.

Key plant choices include Cannas, Bananas and Alocasias to provide large and jungly leaves. Fast growing annual plants such as Ricinus have been carefully placed to fill gaps and hide the gardens edges and boundaries. Boundaries and walls are cleverly disguised with the use of bamboo screening to provide a more natural looking backdrop to the exotic plants.

Personal touches have been added with the use of exotic bird ornaments and even a stunning outdoor fish tank containing large colourful fish. Don’t forget, this tropical garden is on a roof!

This garden has been so successfully cultivated that Antoine has set up a website to sell seeds collected from ‘The Tropical Roof Garden’ online. Be sure to go check out his website and support him buy clicking here.