Three easy ways to overwinter Brugmansia plants

It is easy to help Brugmansia plants survive the colder winter months in any garden, and if you choose to use one of these three techniques to over winter your plants then you should be able to enjoy your exotic Brugmansia flowers for many years to come.

There are several different species of Brugmansia (Angel Trumpet), each with a different level of tolerance to colder temperatures. With that said, Brugmansia are tropical plants that will not tolerate being frozen or long cold periods in winter months. To maintain healthy and large Brugmansia (Angel Trumpet) plants you can choose from one of the following three techniques that many gardeners use to prepare their tropical Brugmansia plants for winter.

The three techniques:

  1. Leave your plant in the ground in milder areas.
  2. Take cuttings to grow more backup Brugmansia plants.
  3. Move your potted Brugmansia plant into a frost free area for winter protection.