Roldana petasitis is commonly known as ‘Velvet Groundsel’ and is a large evergreen sprawling shrub.

It has fantastic velvety leaves that are shaped unlike most other plants in a tropical garden. It is great for sun and shade, and tolerates drought well. If you want bigger and fuller leaves then provide the plant with dappled shade and occasional watering in dry periods. Roldana is evergreen in mild winters, but will loose it’s leaves and potentially die in a cold winter. It produces yellow flowers, moreso when planted in a sunny position, followed by seed pods that will distribute in the wind.

Roldana petasitis will grow up to 10ft tall and wide, making Roldana a good choice for exotic foliage at the back of a border.




Shade & Sun





Roldana petasitis growing in Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens