Pseudopanax, the exotic evergreen shrubs.

Everybody dreams of having an exotic garden that looks lush and healthy all year round. However, the reality of this is little harder to achieve, especially if the winters are cooler where you live.

Psuedopanax are a genus of evergreen exotic shrubs from New Zealand that might just be the answer. Pseudopanax come in a breathtaking array of shapes and sizes, so you’ll be sure to find something to make your outdoor space look truly tropical…even in the depths of winter!

Below is a selection of Psuedopanax that you can include in your garden. Most are hardy to -5°C (23°F) so cope well in coastal areas and in cities.

Pseudopanax laetus:

A large rounded shrub that can be grown in both sun and shade. Pseudopanax laetus has large glossy palmate compound leaves made up of 5 to 7 leaflets. In winter this shrub flowers with large umbels of white flowers followed by dark berries.

Pseudopanax laetus leaves

Pseudopanax laetus growing in Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens, 2019.

Psuedopanax X adiantifolius:

The leaves of Pseudopanax X adiantifolius look like a leathery Maiden Hair fern leaf. As with many plants in the Pseudopanax genus, the leaf shape is variable and has a tendancy to change all together when the plant reaches maturity. The colour and structure of this Psuedopanax makes it a great companion to ferns in a partially shaded area.

Pseudopanax X adiantifolius growing at Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens.

Pseudopanax linearifolius ‘Tuatara’:

A tall Psuedopanax with narrow purple/green leaves with toothed edges. The leaf colour of Pseudopanax linearifolius ‘Tuatara’ darkens when exposed to direct sunlight.

Pseudopanax linearifolius ‘Tuatara’ growing at Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens

Pseudopanax Lessonii ‘Sabre’:

A Pseudopanax with long pointed leaves. Pseudopanax Lessonii ‘Sabre’ has yellow veined leaves with slightly serrated edges. This Pseudopanax will likely need staking as a grows very tall and narrow.

Pseudopanax Lessonii ‘Sabre’ growing in Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens