Musa basjoo

The green banana plant is often a key component in everybodies tropical garden scheme, with it’s huge exotic green leaves it’s hard to beat.

The Musa basjoo is actually a giant herb with a psuedo-stem created from each years leaf growth. The trick to growing big banana plants somewhere with a cold winter climate is to cut back the leaves in late autumn and protect the stem with horticultural fleece. This way the following years growth will start from the current years height. However, if you don’t want the hassle of wrapping your plant each winter then just apply a good mulch over the roots before winter and your banana plant will reshoot from the base when the weather warms up the following season.

Musa basjoo plants like plenty of water and feed during the growing season, try chicken manure pellets for a organic fertilizer that is high in nitrogen. They tolerate wind but the leaves tend to shred easily so they look best in a sheltered position where the leaves stay pristine for longer.

Musa basjoo plants die after flowering and produce plenty of young ‘pup’ plants at their base. These younger plants can be divided when big enough and grown on as new plants!

Growing difficulty:



Sun/Partial shade


Root hardy

Musa basjoo growing in Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens