Karls Tropical garden, South Africa.

Packed full of enormous exotic leaves, visited by jungle wildlife and producing tropical fruits, Karl’s garden is a tropical style garden that we can all learn from!

Karl has been working on his Tropical garden for just over 2.5 years and has absolutely transformed it into his own patch of paradise. Initially Karl had planned to create a Japanese style garden, but after looking at Tropical style gardens online he decided that was the style he wanted to create.

By starting out with bamboos, Palms and Banana plants, Karl quickly achieved the tropical vibe in his garden. Some plants worked, others didn’t, but that never stopped Karl from experimenting in his garden.

Painting the boundary walls deep blue has helped showcase the lush green plants while potentially helping to maintain a warm microclimate. Tame quails are allowed to roam free during the day to act as pest control, which is a fantastic organic pest control method that is often used in Permaculture gardening.

As Karl experimented with the plants in his garden he added Clivias, Philodendrons and air plants. Every single plant in Karla tropical garden looks stunning!