How to propagate Hedychium greenii

Hedychium greenii is a special ginger for any tropical styled garden. Not only does Hedychium greenii produce exotic orange flowers, but it’s foliage and stems are coloured with a deep coppery hue that looks great planted amongst other exotic plants.

Hedychium greenii is a sterile ginger that doesn’t produce seeds, so propagation must be done vegetatively. Of course, division of the rhizomes is one option, but we are going to talk about a method that is special for this particular species. After flowering Hedychium greenii produces miniature plantlets from the spent flowers, each of which can develop into an individual plant. When the plantlets, also known as bulbils, have developed sufficiently you can gently detach them from the parent plant and pot them up. Sometimes the young bulbils haven’t developed roots of their own, but do not fear as these will develop after we have potted them up.

Keep your young Hedychium greenii plants moist in the growing season and drier in winter months. Over time they will root and establish as a healthy clone of your parent plant.