How to propagate Euphorbia

About Euphorbia

The Euphorbia family of plants is wide and varied. In this article I will talk you through the steps involved in propagating ‘Honey Spurge’ Euphorbia. These ‘Honey Spurge’ Euphorbia are architectural evergreen plants that produce masses of sweetly scented flowers in spring. In winter some of the lower Euphorbia leaves become bright red, helping to make this a great shrub for year round interest.

Propagating Euphorbia

Propagation of Euphorbia plants is easy from tip cuttings. Begin by selecting healthy shoots from the current years growth. Cut these shoots to a length of 10cm (3-4 inches) at a point just below a node. Gently pull the lower Euphorbia leaves in a downward direction to remove them from your Euphorbia cutting material. This helps to prevent rot and also reduces the amount of water lost from the cutting material. Stick the prepared Euphorbia cuttings into multi purpose compost and firm the soil well around them to ensure there is good contact between the cutting material and the compost. Finally, water well and keep out of direct sunlight. Keep the soil moist over the next 6-10 weeks and remove any dead plant material. Within 6-10 weeks you should start to see roots growing out of the bottom of the pot and signs of fresh growth at the top of the plant.

When your Euphorbia cuttings are well rooted, gently knock them out of the pot and tease them apart. Pot the Euphorbia cuttings on individually into their own pots to allow them to become more established before planting out.