How to propagate Brugmansia (Angel Trumpets) from cuttings.

My guide to growing and propagating Brugmansia, commonly known as ‘Angel Trumpets’. Propagating Brugmansia from cuttings is surprisingly easy and you can grow many new Brugmansia plants. This guide on how to take cuttings from Brugmansia will guide you through the steps involved in selecting your cutting material, prepping you cuttings, rooting your cuttings and finally potting your rooted Brugmansia cuttings up.

Brugmansia, commonly called Angels Trumpets, are tropical shrubs and trees. Brugmansia are known for their enormous exotic blooms that exude a delicious heady fragrance. Brugmansia are vigorous plants that can be easily grown in many parts of the world when given the correct care. To get the best growth and flowering performance from your Brugmansia plants provide them with daily water and lots of liquid feed during the growing season.