Feeling the Autumn blues

Orange is probably the colour most people would think of if you asked them to imagine the colours of an autumn garden. Well, think again.

We’re going to flip the colour wheel on its head and help you fill your autumn garden with stunning shades of purple and blue. The warm tones of autumn leaves will combine brilliantly and help make your purple planting pop!

Take inspiration from this carefully compiled list of 5 exotic plants to surprise and stun visitors to your autumn garden.

Salvia amistad

Amistad is a Salvia that will provide for your summer garden and flower all the way through to the first hard frosts. In the autumn garden Salvia amistad becomes a real star of the show having grown so prolifically all summer long. The dark purple flowers continually emerge from numerous stems and will happily combine well with ferns in a semi-shaded location. This Salvia grows well in both sun and part shade so feel free to experiment with where you choose to plant it in your garden.

Aconitum napellus

The colour of the blooms on this shade loving plant are almost unmatched in the garden. The hues of purple-blue are electric and appear to glow. A long line of these striking flowers adorn the top of each stem, and as such this plant benefits from a bit of support to prevent it laying flat on the ground. The leaves are dark green and also provide textural interest with their unusual shape. This plant is a herbaceous perennial so simple cut back in autumn/late winter and enjoy it all over again the following season.

Liriope muscari

If your looking for an evergreen plant with autumn interest then look no further that this grass-like plant. A shade loving perennial that produces multiple spikes covered in prominent a purple berries in autumn and winter. This Liriope muscari looks great planted in large drifts through a shady border.

Dichroa febrifuga

Dichroa are like the exotic cousin of the more commonly seen Hydrangea. Dichroa are evergreen shrubs that bloom in autumn with bright blue umbels made up of hundreds of tiny blue flowers. The flowers of Dichroa are surprisingly long lived and look great through autumn and into winter.