Eucomis bicolour

A bulbous perennial from South Africa more commonly known as the Pineapple Lilly. Eucomis plants really stand out with their waxy long leaves spreading beneath a flower spike unlike any other in a tropical garden. The stem is pale green with maroon spots and each of the individual star shaped flowers are edged with maroon. The raceme of flowers is held up to 50cm high from mid to late summer in a temperate climate. Eucomis bicolour is the most readily available Eucomis bulb, but it’s definitely worth trying some other species in your exotic and tropical garden.

Key features:

Exotic pineapple shaped flowers.

Common names:

Pineapple lilly


Full sun






Sand, loam. Well drained. Acid or Alkaline.

Eucomis bicolour growing in Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens 2019.