Easy exotic plant ideas for small gardens.

More and more of us are living in houses with tiny gardens, urban balconies or maybe even just the odd pot or window box. Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine turning whatever restricted outdoor space you have into a jungle full of happy and healthy plants. This is where tropical and exotic plants come into their own! Whether your outdoor space is sunny or in shade, there will be an exotic plant that you can use to create your own slice of paradise. Here are some exotic plant ideas for both sunny and shadey spaces.

Sun loving exotic plant ideas for small spaces:

Sun loving plants include Euphorbia which is an evergreen genus of plants that come in all shapes and sizes. Try ‘Tomb Thumb’ for a compact variety that has splashes of red when in flower. Lillies such as Cardiocrinum provide tall flower spikes topped off with multiple enormous white trumpet shaped blooms. Callistemon are evergreen shrubs that boast some of the most exotic flowers going. Succulents like Aeonium ‘Voodoo’ feature amazingly dark red rosettes of fleshy leaves on top of a wooden stem. Eucalyptus can be grown in pots and if you keep cutting them back you will be rewarded with round irradescent blue juvenile leaves that have an amazing scent when crushed. Banana plants like Musa basjoo will give you a really tropical look, give them plenty of water and food for gigantic jungly leaves.

Shade loving exotic plant ideas for small spaces:

Shade loving plants include Ferns like the Shuttlecock fern with its compact upright growth habit making it a great plant for smaller spaces. There are hundreds of cultivars of Hostas so you will definitely be able to find one of these fantastic perennial foliage plants for your small outdoor space, try the blue leaved ‘Big Daddy’ for something special. If your looking for a talking point then look no further than Farfugium japonicum ‘Aureomaculatum’ with its large golden speckled leaves that illuminate shadey corners. Liriope is an evergreen plant that has grass-like foliage and produces spikes of purple flowers and berries in summer, try this planted on mass for a great effect. Brunnera is another reliable shade loving plant for your smaller spaces, and not only are you treated to stunning silver veined foliage but you also get masses of tiny blue flowers in spring.

Brunnera macrophylla