An evergreen shade loving shrub that closely resembles a Hydrangea. Dichroa febrifuga produces flowers in shades of pink and blue over a very long period from late summer through to early winter. The flowers tend to be more blue in colour as the plant matures. These shrubs are hardy outside in areas that do not frequently experience hard frosts. Dichroa febrifuga will need winter protection in a cold greenhouse if you experience severe cold weather. Dichroa propagates easily from cuttings so it is always a good idea to build up a good stock of plants incase any perish in the colder months.

Key plant features:

Bright flowering shrub.




Southern Asia

Common names:

Evergreen hydrangea


Partial shade/shade


Frost tender perennial. Best in warmer areas.




Moist but well drained. Neutral, acid, Alkaline. Blue flowers better in acidic soil.

Dichroa febrifuga blue flowers
Dichroa febrifuga blue flowers
Dichroa febrifuga with pink flowers
Dichroa febrifuga with pink flowers