Amaryllis belladonna

One of the most extravagant autumn bulbs you can grow. Amaryllis belladona is commonly known as the Jersey Lilly. Amaryllis belladonna grows in South Africa where it is used to being baked in the sun and triggered to flower by the autumn rains. The thick flower stem emerges and blooms before the leaves grow, making it a really showstopping plant. The intensely scented flowers are very brightly coloured for a late summer and early autumn garden. These bulbs are frost hardy and need good drainage over winter, so improve drainage when planting if you don’t already have free draining soil. Plant in spring for it to flower in autumn.

Key plant features:

Large impressive autumn blooms.




South Africa

Common names:

Jersey Lilly, Belladonna lilly


Full sun


Frost tender, bulbs hardy to -10°C with good drainge.




Well drained. Neutral, acid, Alkaline.

Amaryllis belladona flowers
Amaryllis belladona flowers
Amaryllis belladonna growing at Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens
Amaryllis belladonna growing at Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens