4 Hostas with fantastic foliage

Hostas are shade loving perennial plants that pack a punch with their attention grabbing foliage. Here is my list of four shade loving Hostas with small, medium and large leaves that are worth a try in your garden.

1. Hosta ‘Golden Standard’

The leaves on the Hosta almost glow in the shadiest spots in your garden. Their thickly veined yellow colour is surrounded with a darker green edge.

2. Hosta ‘Sum and Substance’

This large leafed Hosta is a real talking point. It takes on a more golden colour in a semi-shadey spot where the sun reaches the leaves for some of the day. It really shines out from other Hosta cultivars.

3. Hosta ‘Snowden’

This is a giant leaves Hosta with amazingly blue foliage. It stands proud all season and produces pure white flowers in mid-summer. The tones of the leaves and flower make this Hosta perfect for creating a cool feeling in a shadey spot in your garden.

4. Hosta ‘Thomas Hogg’

This medium leaf sized Hosta looks great when used to under-plant variegated shrubs. It’s white rimmed leaves and lilac flowers are a brilliant way to brighten up dark areas in any garden.