Euphorbia x pasteurii 'John Phillips'
Euphorbia x pasteurii 'John Phillips' has fantastic evergreen foliage.

3 stunning evergreen plants for a tropical garden

Tropical gardens are becoming increasingly popular in recent years, and with an increasingly milder climate many gardener’s are able to grow really exotic looking plants that provide lush evergreen structure throughout the winter months.

Many gardener’s think that exotic and tropical styled gardens can only look good in the depths of summer when the days are warm and long, however if you combine those tender summer plants with some lush tropical looking evergreen plants then your tropical garden will be full of healthy green foliage throughout the year. Below is my list of 5 exotic looking evergreen plants that will give your garden that lush tropical look all year round.

1. Schefflera taiwaniana

Schefflera are relatively new in cultivation in the UK. Schefflera taiwaniana is one of the hardiest species available as it grows high on the mountains in Taiwan in the wild, making it accustomed to periods of cold weather. They prefer dappled to full shade where the will grow larger and darker green leaves. Their divided palmate leaves are among the most exotic looking leaves you can have in a winter garden. These plants will grow into a large shrub or small tree given space and time. A good tip is to pinch out the growing tip to encourage a multi-stemmed bushier plant.

A young Schefflera taiwaniana

2. Euphorbia X pasteurii ‘John Phillips’

This stunning hybrid Euphorbia has enormous evergreen leaves that fade from green to red at the base of the plant in winter. In spring this euphorbia will produce enormous orbs of flower bracts that the pollinators absolutely love. If you want a lush rounded shrub in your tropical garden then this plant is the one for you.

Euphorbia X pasteurii ‘John Phillips’ shrub in flower

3. Fatsia japonica

You will struggle to find an exotic or tropical styled garden that doesn’t feature one of these evergreen plants. They have large lobed leaves that have a glossy green colour. There are several new cultivars available included ‘Spiders Web’ that produces stunning pure white new leaves throughout spring and summer. Fatsia can be grown as a shrub, or allowed to form a really exotic canopy as a small tree. They will grow in sun, but look their absolute best when grown in shade.

Glossy leaves of Fatsia japonica