3 signs your Canna plant has a virus

Canna viruses are a huge problem for Canna growers in the UK, and many forms of Canna virus will infect other plants in an Exotic garden if not controlled. What exactly are the signs that your Canna plant has a virus?

Signs of Canna virus

1. Streaks of yellows tissue appearing between the veins on your Cannas leaves. This often then dies and turns brown. This is a sign of ‘Canna yellow mottle virus’ (CaYMV) or Canna yellow streak virus (caYSV)

2. A yellow mottled pattern on the leaves of your Canna plants. This discoloration is a sign of ‘Bean yellow mosaic virus (BYMV).

3. Infected Canna plants will have stunted growth and often form distorted leaves.

How to deal with Canna virus

Viruses are pathogens that live inside of plant cells, therefore there are no chemical of biological treatments for Canna virus. The best method of control is prevention. Be sure to buy healthy plants from reputable growers and quarantine new plants before planting them into your garden. However, if you do discover an infected plant then you should remove it and either burn it or take it to your local garden waste centre.

An infected Canna musifolia plant